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Our unconscious programs are our recorded experiences... our memories... sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations over the course of our lives, stored in our unconscious mind since birth. They are how we come to "know how to be" in the world. These memories tell us how to relate to our environment, each other, and ourselves. We create self-identities, and beliefs, and lives based upon them. Everyone does this individually, based on what we have experienced up to this moment.

Unconscious memories are operating all the time, determining our beliefs, perceptions, recurring thoughts, and behaviors... communicating to our conscious mind what it's important to pay attention to in any given moment, to "keep us safe." I have heard it said that our conscious mind is only aware of 5%-10% or less, of what is stored in our unconscious mind.


Our unconscious mind categorizes, sorts, filters, and prioritizes all incoming information, it flashes memories, emotions, beliefs into our conscious mind in a split second, to show us, to remind us, to warn us, to help us. It places no judgement on this information as to "positive" or "negative", it just presents all the related references it can find, for any given moment or situation. We do not consciously have control over this process. A moment presents itself, and our unconscious resources kick in. It's that simple, and simultaneously, that complex, whatever happens afterwards.

Click here for an example of how this works.

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