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Testimonials from Clients:

"Working with Melanie was an absolutely wonderful experience. Coming from a background of distrust and fear, she immediately made me feel safe and secure, and led me through the session with gentle and loving guidance. She is funny, and made the "difficult" work of dealing with myself seem easy, even at times enjoyable. It is amazing to work with someone who sincerely wants to see you grow and develop into the best person you can be, and is willing to help with so much generosity and compassion. I would recommend working with her to anyone who is serious about changing their life, and being the best version of themselves. Working with her works - and it's a great experience, too." - G.B.

"I've had two tapping sessions with Melanie as my guide and helper. Without a doubt, these sessions have been life altering for me. I have suffered from PTSD for my entire adult life due to severe trauma and abuse growing up. I dealt with my PTSD during my first session. It changed my life. My anxiety is gone and I'm more at peace then I've ever been in my life. This technique works. I am eternally grateful to Melanie for her guidance and help. I reccomend tapping to anyone who needs peace in their life." - L.B.

"FasterEFT is the greatest skill I’ve ever learned. The ability to control your emotions, to rewrite memories and to heal chronic pain is nearly unbelievable. I’ve made serious and profound changes using this skill on my own.  When you work with a practitioner, though, you can make deeper and faster changes because of their extensive training."

"If you want to make changes in your life, you’re in the right place.  The sessions I’ve had with Melanie have been transformative.  It can be difficult at times, but as you change memories, you are no longer bound by the negative emotions of your past and you are able to move forward into a better future."  - W.A.

"I signed up for a multi-session package with Melanie, knowing that I wanted to work on a number of areas of my life and relationships that weren't working and it would take more than one session to do it right. After our first session I know Melanie was the person for me to work with."

"The first session I followed the instructions she provided and created a "peace list" (all the crap /bad memories / traumas I could remember) and we were able to work through a number of key memories.  I was pleasantly surprised at the changes I noticed during that next week."

"Our second session came the day after an emotional incident. So I kind of unloaded alot of emotional stuff on her at the outset. She handled it all professionally with kindness and support. And used the tools in her methodology (arsenal) to delve further into the core of what was really going on."

"She walked me through our session with calm steadfastness (no matter how I reacted). Her humor helped lighten things up when they needed to shift and her focus brought us right back to work and guided me where to go next. I have had a number of Tapping sessions (FasterEFT™/eutaptics®) over the years and although helpful, the fit between me and other practitioner wasn't quite right (or wasn't the right time)."

"Melanie has a calm, peaceful sense about her that is reassuring. She is one of those people who you know will help "carry the load" - lovingly and supportively while guiding you masterfully to YOUR peaceful result. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to having more sessions to continue to work through my old outdated beliefs." 

"If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, I would encourage you to book your session NOW!" - C.H.

"My experience is that Melanie was very direct, gentle and organized. She listened very intently. She moved with me, giving me breaks when she saw I needed them. Sometimes it was a little emotional, and she handled it very softly. Her direct questions made me think a few minutes about the answers. I am enjoying my sessions with her. I am more aware of what I am thinking on a deeper level. She opened my eyes of different ways of looking at the situation and to heal that pain. She showed me to go in a different thought pattern which would result in better outcome. I am happy the way things are now. I live alone I don’t have many friends. I wish I could tell everyone about my experience. I will look into this more." - J.S.

My overall experience of sessions with Melanie Townsend was outstanding. She is an exceptional person who has every skill of FasterEFT™ & utilized them with me. I was so ready to make changes & Melanie guided me gently, reassuringly, confidently & also taught me how to be able to continue to work by myself ongoing, to continue to thrive in my life. FasterEFT™ works when you learn how to use the skills & Melanie is a fabulous teacher, she is loving, generous & she has a great sense of humour. I have been able to forgive & to let go of some horrid memories from childhood. The only way for me to improve is to continue to practice FasterEFT™ every time a bad memory trys to wiggle its way back in. Do FasterEFT™. Give Melanie a call or email her. You have nothing to lose & everything to gain in your life. - R.K.

I have had several sessions with Melanie and find her to be one of the best practitioners out there. I believe I have gone to a total of 5 other practitioners besides her. She knows her skills and is very efficient in pulling out and erasing all your negative beliefs. Don't take my word for it. Try one session with her and you will see for yourself. I am a much better and happier person because of her. I also learn to tap daily now for myself. I strongly recommend Melanie to anyone who wants to clean out their old negative beliefs and start life anew. - M.T.

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